Anti-Flag is a political punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America consisting of four members: Justin Sane (lead guitar, lead vocals), Chris #2 (bass, vocals), Chris Head (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Pat Thetic (drums). "Being the only punk rockers in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania", guitarist Justin Sane and drummer Pat Thetic decided they were faced with either "hanging out at the mall, doing drugs, or playing punk rock". They chose the latter and Anti-Flag was born. Despite multiple line-up changes, differing political ideologies, and their status as a fledgling independent band, Anti-Flag gained popularity in the punk community, ultimately releasing six albums on various independent labels (ranging from A-F Records, to Fat Wreck Chords, to Go Kart Records). In 2005, the band signed to RCA Records.

Official website: http://www.anti-flag.com/

Discography, 10 albums

Die For The Government - 1996
North America Sucks - 1998
Their System Doesn't Work For You - 1998
A New Kind Of Army - 1999
Underground Network - 2001
Mobilize - 2002
The Terror State - 2003
For Blood And Empire - 2006
A Benefit For Victims Of Violent Crime - 2007
The Bright Lights Of America - 2008

Non-album songs