GOB Lyrics

Gob is a pop punk band from Burnaby, British Columbia formed in 1994. The band's trademark sound relies heavily on crunchy, distorted guitars. Their single "I Hear You Calling" was featured on Electronic Arts's NHL 2002 video game. Other songs that have been featured in EA video games are "Give Up The Grudge" (Madden 2004), "Oh! Ellin" (NHL 2004), "I've Been Up These Steps" (NHL 2003), and "Sick With You" (NHL 2003). The band has appeared on several outdoor music festivals, the most well-known being Vans Warped Tour.

Official website: http://www.gobnet.com/

Discography, 5 albums

Too Late...No Friends - 1995
How Far Shallow Takes You - 1999
The World According To Gob - 2000
Foot In Mouth Disease - 2003
Muertos Vivos - 2007

Non-album songs