Hedley is a Canadian rock quartet fronted by lead singer Jacob Hoggard, who placed third during the second season of the reality TV series Canadian Idol in 2004. The current band retains the original name of his pre-Canadian Idol group, although the membership has changed. The band originated in Abbotsford, British Columbia and was named after the town of Hedley, British Columbia, a name chosen after members heard that it was for sale for $346,000. While the idea of buying the town ran its course, the name remained. The current members are vocalist Jacob Hoggard, bassist Tommy Mac, guitarist Dave Rosin, and drummer Chris Crippin. The original band bet Hoggard $50 that he wouldn't make it to the Idol top 10. Following Hoggard's success on the series, he, with a reformed Hedley, was signed with Universal Music Canada. Their debut single "On My Own" reached number one on the Canadian Singles Chart and the follow-up "Trip" peaked at number 11. The singles "On My Own", "321", "Trip", and "Gunnin'" topped the MuchMusic Countdown. Their last single, "Street Fight", was successful on both the MuchMusic Countdown and the Canadian Singles Chart. Their current single, "She's so Sorry" is climbing its way up onto the MuchMusic Countdown and the Canadian singles Chart.

Official website: http://www.hedleyonline.com/

Discography, 2 albums

Hedley - 2005
Famous Last Words - 2007

Non-album songs