Hollywood Undead is a band whose music has been described as a mixture of hip hop, Emo and metal. The band originated in 2005 from a song Deuce and J-Dog posted on MySpace to positive reviews and which led them to form the group Hollywood Undead with their friends Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene, Funny Man and Da Kurlzz. In their first nine weeks on MySpace they had almost a million plays and by 2006 they were said to be leading MySpace's top unsigned artists list with over 8 million plays. By 2008 the band had over 40 million plays and over 400,000 friends on MySpace.

Official website: http://www.hollywoodundead.com/

Discography, 3 albums

Swan Songs - 2008
Desperate Measures - 2009
American Tragedy - 2011

Non-album songs