JUMP5 Lyrics

Jump5 was an American dance-pop/contemporary Christian group. Jump5 established themselves in 1999, and then was signed to Sparrow Records, two years later- but left in 2005 due to creative differences. Jump5 temporarily recorded independently through self-established Nevaeh Records and had recently signed with Slanted Records. Jump5 officially disbanded on Sunday, December 16, 2007. They performed their final concert at the Rocketown Center in Nashville, Tennessee; performing with former member Libby Hodges.

Official website: http://www.jump5.com/

Discography, 6 albums

Jump5 - 2001
All The Joy In The World - 2002
All The Time In The World - 2002
Accelerate - 2003
Dreaming In Color - 2004
Hello & Goodbye - 2007

Non-album songs