L : LOVEDRUG : Pretend You're Alive (2004)


Five to three, walls of candy, sign my name on the dotted line next to yours, you found the ways to move
faster and stay healthy no contra, all these words are just a matter of time

You're like a snake in the water, with shiny skin, a clear conscience, venoms fade in just a matter of
time, in just a matter of time, a matter of time

And too cold for kisses, cause i've fallen from heaven, your halo is just a punch in my face you're all
the rage, you're all the fun, but ever if you cross me I'll get you, sweet revenge is just a matter of
time, it's just a matter of time, a matter of time

And so you're striking but you're savage when you cut into my beautiful infection, but I can't help like
it when we touch, oh haven't we reaped enough to fill this room with sweet love

Thanks to Eike Batista for being with us...

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