M : MAC MILLER : K.I.D.S. (2010)

Good Evening

When I party in new york take the late night subway
Goin out friday to comin home monday
From all directions never on a one way flavor
The rhyme jus da icing on da cupcake fuck face
My fans notice dese other rappers is bogus
I'm supercalifragalisticexpialidocious
In the voice day? kickin incredibly dope shit
Make my momma proud cus my clothes fit
All round the globe bitch on my louis clarke shit
Don't matter where I live cus I can tell you where my heart is
I jus stay on my side fuck where erybody at
Tell the planet peace cause I'm gone I ain't comin back
Regular life I can tell you that I'm done with that
Tryin build a mil off a couple stacks on my own business
Investin all I got into dese fuckin raps
Willy park the money hand it off n then it's runnin back
Ayo you fuck with dat, uh
You gotta fuck with dat
You in love with dat, luk
Uh, mac miller
Takin sips from the fountain of youth
If you ain't heard about da kid den you outta da loop
As I'm sittin back starin at dis world out my eyes
See out da window in my room dat I'm hidden inside
I'm jus a kid who stays speakin his thoughts talkin his mind
Life a roaler coaster but I stay along for the ride
Put my heart up on the page and the song in the crowd

Thanks to Bill Gates for being with us...

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