Pillar is a Grammy-nominated Christian rock band. Pillar originally started with playing in a rapcore style, and has since moved more to a hard rock sound. Their second album Fireproof sold over 300,000 copies. Pillar then released their next album Where Do We Go from Here. Where Do We Go from Here was released as an instant hit among Christian rock fans everywhere, capturing #1 on sales in the genre for weeks. The album featured multiple hits, including "Bring Me Down", and, "Frontline" which topped the charts for months. Not only Christian shows and stations played "Bring Me Down", however, it was requested heavily on secular stations as well.

Official website: http://www.pillarmusic.com/

Discography, 5 albums

Above - 2001
Fireproof - 2003
Where Do We Go From Here - 2004
The Reckoning - 2006
For The Love Of The Game - 2008

Non-album songs