Rogue Traders are an Australian electro pop band consisting of James Ash (keyboards), Danny Spencer (guitars), Cameron McGlinchey (drums) and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (lead vocals). The group's original members (James Ash and Steve Davis) met in London in 1989. Before forming Rogue Traders, Ash and Davis worked together on many projects, most notably as dance act Union State. Davis still contributes to the band and is still an active part of the songwriting process. The band's name came from the movie Rogue Trader. The Rogue Traders are best known for their hits "Voodoo Child", "In Love Again" & "Watching You". The groups 3rd studio album Better in the Dark was released in Australia on October 13th.

Official website: http://www.roguetraders.com.au/

Discography, 2 albums

Here Come The Drums - 2005
Better In The Dark - 2007

Non-album songs