S : SLIGHTLY STOOPID : The Longest Barrel Ride (1998)

Slightly Stoopid

I don't know why i've been losing control
All them fuck all this shit
And down in the hole
Friends keep on tellin' me
What im doin wrong
I'm slightly stoopid
Never passing up the bong
One two three four
They try and say to me that im such a fool
Fool stands for __
They aint cool
Don't try to say to me what the hell i'm doin' wrong
I'm slightly stoopid never passing up that bong
One two three four
__ now
And buried in this hole
Thats why i'm so stoopid and out of control
Societys broke up and they'll shoot us away
Cause i'm slighty stoopid
And there's nothing else to say
One two three four

Thanks to Stefan Persson for being with us...

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