Soulfly are an American heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona formed in 1997. Led by founder, frontman, songwritter and only constant member Max Cavalera, the band has released five studio albums, one tour EP, and one DVD video. Soulfly incorporates thrash metal, groove metal, and nu metal with Brazilian tribal music, and world music. The band has had all five of their studio albums debut on the United States Billboard 200, with a peak position at number 32 with their second album Primitive, and the band's debut album, Soulfly, has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Official website: http://www.soulfly.com/

Discography, 5 albums

Soulfly - 1998
Primitive - 2000
3 - 2002
Prophecy - 2004
Dark Ages - 2005

Non-album songs