Stellar Kart is a four piece Christian pop punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The band is signed to Word Records and released its first CD in February 2005. Some of the singles from their debut album, All Gas. No Brake - including "Finish Last" and "Life Is Good" - have been played on Christian radio stations such as Air 1. Their latest album, We Can't Stand Sitting Down was released on July 25, 2006. The album's first single "Me and Jesus" hit #1 for 7 weeks on the Hot Christian Songs chart and won the 2007 Dove Award for "Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song". They derived their band name from riding go-karts on a youth trip. Their name is often abbreviated SK, as seen in the band's music videos to "Activate" and "Life is Good". Their latest album, Expect the Impossible, was released on February 26, 2008.

Official website: http://www.stellarkart.com/

Discography, 3 albums

All Gas. No Brake. - 2005
We Can't Stand Sitting Down - 2006
Expect The Impossible - 2008

Non-album songs