Westlife is an Irish pop music group that formed in July 1998. They were signed by Simon Cowell and are currently managed by Louis Walsh. The group is popular in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and much of Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. In recent years, Westlife's sound has evolved from boy band "teen pop" into a more adult contemporary music (ACM) sound. Westlife has had fourteen number one singles in the United Kingdom between the years 1999 and 2006, the third-highest such total in UK history, behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles, and tied with Cliff Richard. They are also the only artist/group to win 'Record of the Year' in the UK four times. The group had sold more than 40 million records by end of 2006, yet to this day it's still unclear to how many records exactly the band have sold because some of their main markets are countries in Asia that do not publish sales figures. They are worth an estimated

Official website: http://www.westlife.com/

Discography, 9 albums

Westlife - 1999
Coast to Coast - 2000
World Of Our Own - 2001
Unbreakable-greatest Hits 1 - 2002
Turnaround - 2003
Allow Us To Be Frank - 2004
Face to Face - 2005
The Love Album - 2006
Back Home - 2007

Non-album songs